Backyard Revolution Review – Scam or Legit?

Backyard RevolutionThe innovative Backyard Revolution was designed and created by Zack Bennett for home-based generation of electricity. The technology for this unique power generating system was first discovered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It introduced a vital new chapter in supply sources for electricity. Homeowners who lacked the space required for solar panels in the past can now install this product in less than ten square feet.

This outstanding system introduced a fresh, healthy style in contemporary living and new supply sources of electricity. Now, homeowners and some apartment dwellers can install this small, compact system for top-tier backyard power generation. The entire setup requires less than ten square feet of outdoor space. This unique 3-D product design uses a series of solar panels that overlap. Each panel is positioned to receive the full benefit of rays from the sun.

Other homeowners whose budgets could not cover the cost of larger solar panels can now easily afford this unique system. This outstanding electrical energy generation device also requires no cost at all for ongoing maintenance. This device has a three-dimensional structure that provides twice the electricity-producing capacity of other solar panel installations. This is due to the fact that this unique 3-D design consists of a series of solar panels that overlap. In addition, every panel is placed to receive the full benefit of the sun’s rays.

Zack created simple instructions with easy-to-follow steps for the setup of this product. This information includes a list of the tools needed to complete the setup of your home power plant. It also offers clear diagrams and images for faster completion of your installation.

You can view a video showing the step-by-step process of setting up your Backyard Revolution. You can soon enjoy superior backyard solar power generation.

How Does the Unique Backyard Revolution Work?

Backyard Revolution can enable you to leave the power grid behind. Once this product is installed for your home, you and your family will have no more worries about power outages. If your area experiences a power shortage or outage, you and your household will not be affected. Your small, powerful and reliable power plant will still be up and running.

You may be wondering just how this small, independent device can provide uninterrupted, dependable electric current for your home. If larger, more complex power plants experience complete outages from time to time, how can such a small unit prevail?

Scientific research has revealed major benefits of designing an energy-producing system with solar panels placed in a zig-zag configuration. Using this design for backyard power generation, you can eliminate all or nearly all wasted energy. Within approximately three to four hours, you can build your solar panels. The setup of your power-production system can be fully installed in just 20 minutes. Once installed and operating, you can start saving money on electric bills immediately.

With the use of this device for free home solar power generation, you can actually produce no-cost electricity. Even if you live in an apartment, if you have a balcony or outdoor terrace, you can easily setup the Backyard Revolution. Perhaps you are not a DIY-inclined individual. Maybe no one else in your household likes engaging in home improvement projects. In this case, an experienced friend or handy-person can easily perform the setup.

Outstanding Advantages of This Free Solar Power Revolution

There are valuable benefits for you to enjoy when you decide to install the Backyard Revolution to supply your home’s electric power. You can benefit from significant savings when you no longer owe monthly electric bills. By choosing to create your own power using these unique solar panels, you are also helping to preserve the Earth’s environment. More important advantages to choosing this specialized power-producing system include the following:

  • Steady Electricity Supply. National electricity grid systems can fail unexpectedly today. For this reason, they can no longer be relied upon for providing a steady supply of power for your home. In order to live worry-free of electric power outages in your region, you need an independent energy source. This outstanding system enables you to generate your own dependable electric current without interruptions.
  • Simple, Easy Installation. You, a friend or a locale handyman can easily install Backyard Revolution on your home property. Setup is simple and can be completed within just three or four hours. It has been said that a 10-year-old can perform this setup without difficulty. Installing this product is actually easier than assembling many simple items of furniture often ordered for home use.
  • Minimal Space Requirements. A great advantage to owners of homes with small yards is that this product requires minimal setup and operating space. This is a major difference between this system and traditional solar panel installations. Backyard Revolution can be placed in a very small yard or even on a terrace, deck or apartment balcony. As reported by MIT experts, this product can produce twice the amount of electricity that traditional solar panels generate. This small power plant can create this electricity supply using just 5 percent of the space required by the older, larger panels.
  • Low or No-Cost Maintenance. For many people, a valuable benefit offered by this unique free solar power generation revolution is no need for maintenance. With regular use of this small yet powerful electricity generator, any maintenance costs will be quite small. In fact, most users of Backyard Revolution have no maintenance costs at all.

Some Potential Disadvantages of Using This Product

There are also some potential disadvantages or inconveniences that may affect some homeowners who use Backyard Revolution, such as the following:

  • Lack of Direct Sunlight. Some regions of the world normally receive little sunlight during certain times of the year. If you live in one of these locations, you cannot experience the full benefits of Backyard Revolution. Some homeowners who live in climates with plenty of sunlight have homes that have an abundance of overhanging trees. During the warm months, these homes receive very limited direct sunlight, even on clear, bright days. If your home property is well-shaded from direct sunbeams, you cannot receive full power generation from this product.
  • Difficulty with Setup. For those people who are already familiar with setting up solar panels, installing this product is simple. They can easily complete the installation within three or four hours. However, some novices may need as long as two to three weeks to finalize the setup. Others may need to hire a professional to complete the successful installation of this mini-power plant.
  • Need for Battery Back-up. Many people who purchase and install this product find that they need battery backup for constant electricity supplies. During cloudy or wet seasons and in regions that normally have weeks of overcast skies, battery power is needed. The main problem with using battery power is that batteries large enough to ensure consistent 24-hour electric power can be costly.

About the Savvy Inventor of Backyard Revolution

Zack Bennett, the ingenious creator of Backyard Revolution, is a carpenter and family man who lives in the Orlando, FL, area. He designed this unique mini-power plant to enable homeowners and some apartment dwellers to harvest the sun’s power. Zack realized that skillful solar panel design can help countless people capture sunlight for generating steady electric power. He forged the path to creating a small power supplying source for eliminating power outages and costly maintenance fees.

Bennett was compelled to produce this backyard solar revolution device after his home property was robbed during a power failure. Since his security system lost power, the police were not immediately alerted. He then researched solar power and panel constructions, discovering the value of zigzag panels. Zack decided then to design Backyard Revolution to ensure that his family and countless others could have uninterrupted electric power.
3d solar panels

Frequently Asked Questions About This Free Solar Power Revolution

Questions that consumers frequently ask about Backyard Revolution, how it works and all that it offers include the following:

Is Popular Use of Solar Energy Here to Stay?

The use of solar energy for generating home and commercial power supplies is a popular option globally. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance reports, from 2002 to 2017, green energy sources gained impressive popularity. During these years, upwards of 100 firm deals were made involving producers of fossil fuel and renewable energy. There are now more than 1.5 million solar panels in use across the U.S., and this number is increasing steadily. The United States is currently a global leader in solar power technology and production and the free solar power generation revolution.

Are More People Choosing Solar Power to Benefit Our Planet or to Save Money?

Energy experts estimate that 58 percent of consumers today who install solar panels at home want to generate clean power. They have the strong desire to avoid adding to the harmful effects of pollution and climate change. These concerned home dwellers understand the importance of making even a small contribution to preserving the natural environment.

About 59 percent of homeowners who currently have solar panels installed for generating home power supplies put cost savings first. Their primary interest in using clean solar energy is to eliminate costly electricity bills each month. Many of these people are now using or considering the use of Backyard Revolution. They are attracted by its low cost, simple installation and lack of maintenance costs.

How Much Support Is There Today for Solar Farm Operations?

Research has shown that nearly 90 percent of U.S. consumers today are in favor or solar energy for powering homes. Between 85 and 89 percent support the operation of more wind turbine farms as power sources. Support for nuclear power use is only 44 percent. More consumers are now discovering the benefits of installing a mini-power plant for generating electricity. When they realize the cost-effectiveness of Backyard Revolution, they find this option even more attractive.

Can Solar Energy Users Help Save the Environment While Recovering the Cost of Investment?

You can actually reduce your home electricity usage by 50 percent or more when you change to solar power. By doing this, you are actually eliminating the release of approximately 6,250 pounds worth of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. You would need to refrain from burning about 8,000 pounds of coal or driving your vehicle nearly 18,000 miles to achieve the same eco-friendly results.

Due to the low cost of the Backyard Revolution for solar power system and its DIY installation, you can save money. You can also recover your investment quickly. Another great cost-savings is the lack of maintenance expenses for this product.

Important Facts About Renewable Energy Use

During the 1970s, using renewable energy for residential or commercial power generation was expensive. Yet today, with a well-designed system in place, you can produce clean, reliable electricity supplies for pennies per day. In past years, the cost of monthly electricity use for your spacious home could easily be $200. The expense of having traditional solar panels installed on your roof was often from $20,000 to $35,000.

This major backyard solar revolution for power installation might reduce your monthly utility bills by 50 percent. If so, a $35,000 solar setup would bring you a cost-savings of just $1,200 each year. The life expectancy of these older solar panels was less than the time needed to recoup your investment.

This is why Backyard Revolution is truly a fabulous investment for home dwellers today. At a total startup cost equaling about $200, you can start producing your home’s electric power supply. At this very minor cost, you can obtain a long-term home power plant that requires only a simple setup.

Fascinating Facts About the History of Solar Power Harnessing

3d solar panelsThe sun has been used as a major power source by humankind for nearly 3,000 years. Even in primitive societies, sunlight was used for warmth. Before the dawn of the first century, humans were lighting fires and cooking food using energy from the sun. Ancient Egyptians placed mirrors at the entrances to pyramids and throughout these structures. In this way, they used reflected sunbeams as indoor lighting.

In many early communities, direct sunbeams were used to light torches. Legends report that in ancient Greece, Archimedes reflected strong sunlight using bronze shields on enemy ships. These ships were made of wood and burned rapidly. The Romans designed rooms that used direct sun rays as the major lighting source. Traces of these early influences can be found today in modern interior lighting designs.

Edmond Becquerel, a French physicist, made an important discovery using a cell created with metal electrodes and a conductor solution. He found that this cell produced greater amounts of electricity if it was exposed to sunlight. In the modern solar energy industry, photovoltaic panels combined with other advanced technologies generate electric current. They also produce thermal increases.

By 1883, new discoveries in selenium research revealed how electricity can be generated. At this time, the American, Charles Fritz, started work to produce the initial solar cell. This was a major advancement toward the development of our current solar panels. Today, cells containing silicon are used in producing modern solar panels.

The most impressive discovery on the way to creating today’s solar power industry took place during the 1950 to 1960 space race. In 1954, Bell Labs created the first fully functional solar cell using silicon. During the next decade, scientists increased the efficiency rating of this cell from 4 percent ot 11 percent. In the early 1960s, photovoltaic panels reached efficiency levels of 15 percent.

NASA employed this solar technology in satellites and spacecraft. Subsequently, scientific experts began studying ways in which solar power could benefit home dwellers and business owners worldwide. Starting with the 1970s, solar power has been a practical and healthy alternative energy source. It is now in popular use by homeowners and companies as an eco-friendly power supply.

Property owners can now install solar power systems that enable them to live and operate off-the-grid. This practice can also increase property values significantly today. Also, the cost of solar panels and their installation has fallen about 10 percent annually since the 1980s. During the 1970s, solar energy usage cost approximately $20 per watt. Yet today, the average price is $0.50 per watt.

With contemporary advancements in solar technology plus less costly manufacturing procedures, cost-effective solar power is now generated. You now have the healthy, economical and eco-friendly option to use this clean, simplified and portable technology for your own electricity supply.

By choosing Backyard Revolution, you are joining a vast number of other savvy, well-informed consumers. You can successfully avoid the use of fossil fuels while generating pure, healthy electric power from the sun.

Pros & Cons

There are multiple pros and cons concerning the use of this unique system for free home solar power generation, including the following:

  • It offers a low-cost option for solar energy production.
  • This product is suitable for large or small home properties.
  • Very little or no maintenance is required.
  • It provides a completely self-sufficient home power source.
  • This system enables you to save significant amounts of money on power bills.
  • This device can be moved indoors during stormy weather conditions to prevent damage.
  • You receive a full year of unlimited email support when you purchase this device.
  • This product is sold with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Individuals who are not DIY-savvy may need assistance with installing this product.
  • Setup time may vary according to each customer’s knowledge and home improvement skills.
  • This system works does not work up to capacity in locations with limited daily sunlight.
  • Customers may need to buy a power inverter for use with this device.
  • You may need to purchase some tools for installing this product.
  • Some community officials may require customers to get approval from code enforcement before installing this device.

Where To Purchase

You can purchase this backyard solar revolution device on many sales sites, such as Shoptorious and ZiffirHub. However, the best place to make your purchase is on the Official Website. When purchasing this product from the manufacturer, you will also receive the following outstanding bonuses:

  • Homestead EMP Protection Protocol.
  • Energy Stockpiling Secrets.
  • Homestead Alternative Energy Sources.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

At the present time, this is a special limited-time offer for this superior power generation product. By keeping updated on the manufacturer’s special offers, you can enjoy amazing cost-savings. For a minimal cost, you can start saving the environment while generating your home’s supply of clean, sun-powered electricity.


The unique Backyard Revolution is a small mini-power plant that can generate all of your home’s electricity supply. This outstanding product was created by Zack Bennett, a carpenter in Orlando, FL. The advanced technology for this innovative solar power production system was discovered by scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

This outstanding system introduced a vital new chapter in contemporary living and supply sources of electricity. Now, homeowners and some apartment dwellers can install this small, compact system. The entire setup requires less than ten square feet of outdoor space. This unique 3-D product design uses a series of solar panels that overlap. Each panel is positioned to receive the full benefit of rays from the sun.

For an unbelievably affordable price and with a simple, easy setup, you can now produce your own clean, free electricity supply. You can accomplish this amazing feat by joining today’s most valuable eco-friendly movement โ€” the Backyard Revolution movement.

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